Diagram of British No. 65 A Mk I Time and Percussion fuze, Land service. Classed as Small type Time & Percussion fuze, with G.S. gauge thread (1 inch tapering). NOTE : No. 65A was a new fuze; No. 65 was converted from old No. 56, 60 or 63 fuzes. 2 time rings, burning time 20.1 seconds at rest. Each ring has a channel running round nearly all its under surface. The upper ring is graduated from 0 to 44 divisions. Listed in 1915 for use with shrapnel shells for the following guns :- BL 15 pounder 7 cwt BLC 15 pounder QF 15 pounder BL 12 pounder 6 cwt QF 12 pounder 8 cwt QF 12 pounder 12 cwt Land service only. BL 10 pounder Mountain Gun QF 2.95 inch Mountain Gun



Fuze complete with part of the shell body

Date Range

Size Type Material Found

WWI 5/16 (1916)

Dia. 42mm T. 57mm B. 104mm H. Fuze Brass Kent


Royal Laboratory, Woolwich Arsenal MHF Club Dig 29/11/2015 Pasture


Fuze : 137 5/16   I  PT (1 to 44) Body : L 51 (Donated by Dorian Y.)

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