Decorated & Plain Buttons

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A cast lead or lead-alloy button with an integral as-cast shank*; circular; solid; flat; a moulded-in-relief sexfoil with a pellet in each angle and one in the centre

 Object Type  Button  Object Classification  .
 Object Sub-classification  Decorated  Object Description  .
 Object Inscription  .  Period  Early post medieval
 Chronology  16-17th Century  Primary Material  Lead or lead alloy
 Additional Material  .  Method of Manufacture  Cast 
 Surface Treatment  .  .  .
 Weight  12.79g  Size  27mm Dia.
 Comments  .
 Land Type  Arable  County  Essex
 Discovery Date  25/10/2015  Site  Rally UK - Margaret Roding

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Dated Era Size Type Material Found
No c.1650-1750 AD 23mm x 11mm Button Lead Kent


20.80g . 06/02/2019 Pasture 2b