Hi all, like a lot of you out there I have found several very worn and corroded coins, mainly Half Penny’s. I have spent quite some time trying to identify at lease what Monarch they are, before and after cleaning, well I have some tips for you that may help ! Firstly measure the size coin to see what type of coin it is, most I have found like this seem to be Half Penny’s, but I have also found some Farthings. The trick is to wet the coin with water and hold the coin at an angle towards the light coming from a window, this will cast very small shadows over the coin as you tilt it, keep dabbing the coin with water and slowly turning it round, tilting it as you go, if no luck turn it over and try other side. The best detail to look for is the lowest line/contour under the Monarch’s bust, when you see it the rest of the head shape should now be viewable, and then work out which way the bust is pointing, next compare the head with the coin books. One problem I found there is the images are on several pages so I have produced a basic one sheet reference guide for them so you have your hands free for the coin, as you would expect most will be George II or III. This really does work, I have many that even under high magnification show no detail what so ever

Half Penny Basic Chart

If you want the chart in Excel, let me know and I will post, Dave